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Eleven varieties of Apple:
Cortland, Sweet Sixteen, Winecrisp, Yellow Transparent
Gravenstein, Snowsweet, Freedom, Red Duchess
Connell Red

Whitney Crabapple & Dolgo Crabapple too!

Evans Bali Cherry

Bailey Hardy Peach

Four kinds of Pear Trees:
Luscious, Patten, Parker &
 Summer Crisp

These trees average 8’ to 10’ in height

$45 a piece and don’t forget we deliver!

Need a big hole for that new apple or cherry tree?  Trombly’s comes equipped with back-hoe and truck.  Don’t worry about us leaving tracks you’ll find our equipment just right for delicate lawns and those tight spaces.  We also carry a full line of necessary supplies for the care and maintenance of your trees and shrubs.  For more information go to our Supplies page. 

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