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Trees and Shrubs give shade and shelter to a variety of birds and animals including humans.  Whether you are looking for a unique plant shape, to add some color, grow some fruit, or perhaps make a safe haven for the birds & bees, Trombly’s can help you find just the right selection. 

All our trees and shrubs come from nurseries right here in Vermont, providing you with a wide variety of hearty stock to choose from.

Need a big hole for that new maple or cherry tree?  Trombly’s comes equipped with back-hoe and truck.  Don’t worry about us leaving tracks you’ll find our equipment just right for delicate lawns and those tight spaces.  We also carry a full line of necessary supplies for the care and maintenance of your trees and shrubs.  For more information go to our
Supplies page.  Call today and don’t forget we deliver!

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We carry several kinds of Apple Trees, many of which we’ve started right here at the Greenhouse.  We also carry Pear and other varieties of fruit trees.

Flowering Crabs, Arborvitae, Blueberry, and a much, much more!