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How many ways can you say Fruit Tree Deals?
We’re talking really really big deals,
Eight to Ten Foot Tall!!!

Eleven varieties of Apple:
Cortland, Sweet Sixteen, Winecrisp, Yellow Transparent
Gravenstein, Snowsweet, Freedom, Red Duchess
Connell Red
Whitney Crabapple & Dolgo Crabapple too!

Evans Bali Cherry

Bailey Hardy Peach

Four kinds of Pear Trees:
Luscious, Patten, Parker &
 Summer Crisp

$45 a piece and don’t forget we deliver!

We’ve got organic mulch and compost, we’ve got topsoil, we’ve got sand, as well as other additives, and we deliver.  To find out more about putting a layer on click here.

Need a special present, today?  A “Trombly’s Gift Certificate” is just the ticket!

Don’t forget - We Deliver!

Trombly’s Greenhouse has been serving the good people of Northfield and Central Vermont since 1930.  In it’s second generation as a family owned business, Dawn and Tom Trombly are proud to offer a wide variety of products and services.

Conveniently located at 196 VT. Route 12 South, here in sunny Northfield Vermont. Got questions?  You can quickly and easily reach us by calling 802 485 8394 or for our out of town friends please dial the toll free number 1 800 356 9399.

Click here to find us on the map.

Count on Trombly’s Greenhouse for any project Spring, Summer, or Fall. 
We carry
perennials, annuals, trees, shrubs as well as providing landscaping services and supplies such as mulch, compost and topsoil (bulk or bagged).  We also carry Peat Moss, Lime, Straw, ProMix, Potting Soil, and Moo-Doo products too!  

Look to us for your hanging baskets, annuals, vegetables, trees, shrubs, as well as herbs! 

Bring us your ideas and questions because we’re happy to help with any green project inside and out.